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K-Service technology Ltd. produces and assemble steel halls

Our company´s main activity is a delivery and  assembly of the steel halls and shelling halls and buildings. We are experienced in constructing mainly industrial premises. Our assembled halls and steel constructions can be found not only in the Czech Republic but also in other countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Poland etc.)

Assembled halls and other steel constructions are delivered and assembled according to specific projects. All steel halls are unique – each project is designed according to the hall measures, its purpose, inverstor´s requirements and other circumstances. We are equiped with all necessary tools and we can construct assembled halls and steel constructions of great size. We have many reliable and experienced employees, we use our own assembling machinery and mechanisms. We always meet the deadlines.

Sheet casing halls and buildings

Except the assembled steel constructions we also provide sheet casing halls and buildings. For sheeting we use TR sheets, cassetes + TR sheets, sandwich panels from some reputable Czech and foreigner suppliers. These sandwich panels for assembled halls meet all demanding criteria for quality longlife. The main qualities of the sandwich panels are the quickness of assembly, longlife, fire protection and easy maintanance.