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Complex delivery and assembly of industrial service piping systems

Company K-service technology Ltd. is a provider of the industrial piping systems.

We provide delivery, fitting and aftersales service of plastic and steel piping systems for all types of media.

  • Delivery and fitting of industrial piping systems
  • Exchanging and reconstruction of piping systems
  • Technological layout
  • Transport and moving of technologies
  • Deliveries and fitting abroad

K-service technology Ltd. will provide layout of piping systems not only for all usual types of materials and combinations but is also able to combine components of different producers and find an optimal technological and economical sollution.

  • turnkey piping systems fitting
  • repairing and reconstruction of piping systems
  • piping systems for cooling and ventilation
  • fitting piping systems for food processing and medical industry
  • fitting steam pipelines and heat pipelines
  • fitting gas fixtures
  • fitting reservoirs
  • heat exchanger stations and boiler rooms
  • pre-insulated piping systems for heat distribution networks
  • disassembling technological units

Welding and pipeline work

We provide:

  • carbon steel welding, stainless steel welding, alluminium, alloy, titanium, TIG – MIG methods, electrode
  • turnkey projects
  • producing reservoirs
  • producing piping systems
  • pipelines for chemical, food processing and other industries
  • fully equiped with our own manipulating and production facilities